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B U B B L E S  &  B A L L S

It's not difficult to see why people fall in love with the spirit of these iconic classics. And for good reason. The Ball Chair and the Bubble Chair first made their sensational appearances back in the swinging 60’s, when a minority of forward thinkers and renegades, having tolerated enough stuffiness from the establishment of the day, decided to escape.

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Break Free From Convention


One of the refreshing results of this ‘breaking free from the boundaries of convention’ was the Ball Chair, closely followed by the Bubble Chair. Decidedly fun, funky and ultimately original, these classics cock a hoot at the norm because they know life is far too serious to be taken seriously. How radical are you prepared to be? Can you dig it? Yes indeed!


Flexibility with our Bubble Chair Stand


Wondering where to hang your bubble? Our stylish chrome stand provides the perfect solution. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the stand gives you the flexibility to move your bubble from room to room or indeed home to garden!

A Little About Us


We simply adore the Bubble & Ball Chairs and we think you'll agree that our palpable passion for these iconic classics is well justified


As avid lovers of contemporary architecture and interior design, our admiration for the uniquely fun and funky qualities of these Bubbles & Balls took on a life of its own immediately upon our first introduction to the iconic 60’s designs.


From that very moment we began our quest to emulate the essence of these groundbreaking originals, determined to embody all the design and material qualities, yet without the prohibitive price tag. Hence, we present our high quality reproduction Bubble and Ball chairs for your enjoyment, inspiration and freedom.

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Inspired by Eero Aarnio


Eero Aarnio (born 21 July 1932), hailing from Finland, this famous furniture designer is exhalted by his followers for the shatteringly futuristic designs he created back in the 60’s. And his creations are just as radical now as when they were first born, notably his plastic and fibreglass chairs, especially the ball and bubble chair.


He cut his teeth at the Institute of Industrial Arts in Helsinki before starting his own office in 1962. Just one year after, he brought us the Ball Chair, a hollow sphere mounted upon a stand with almost one half missing to create a private place for someone to sit in or retreat to. The Bubble Chair followed. Being clear and suspended from above on a chain, it was anything but chainlike, welcoming vision and movement in all directions, encouraging a sense of space and liberation. Sit in one and you'll understand from the experience far more than you could ever derive from words alone.

Ball Chair - Red

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